Our Services

"Certified PRO," is an advanced lead generation platform designed for Tradesmen.

The platform targets homeowners looking for service in their area and forwards their call / contact details to the relevant tradesman in that area. (click on the icon for more info...) 

IVR services

Teleplay’s IVR  applications are based on Asterisk telephony platform that provide unique conferencing solution.

Teleplay specialize in generating ideas, processing and finalizes programming according to the market’s demands. The combination of our abilities to integrate between several IVR technologies, and the Progeny system allows us to create unique solutions with high capacity, which makes our applications most unique and advanced in the cellular market today.   



Teleplay's Streaming platform based up on open code modified for the system needs.

The streaming capabilities allow us to deliver live streams, Play lists and VOD services . 

The streaming Engine enable to broadcast live events from Analog/Digital or Web source...

Mobile billing

As an aggregator, Teleplay connects your service directly to the mobile operator...
We provide a complete platform to deliver your content and services to end users and charge it via the mobile phone.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is another channel to sell your digital services like on line gaming, memberships, mobile content, voting, weather, traffic, alerts and more...

We provide MO and MT billing with varoius of tariffs...
We offer various types of services enable users to pay by SMS such as: push / reverse  billing SMS, once-off SMS, session based (for chat services ), content download, WEB payment and subscription services and more... 


Teleplays specialize in the development of mobile applications and content in coordination with the latest Telecom technologies. (All technologies are In house)

Teleplay supply broad range of solutions for the business, phone operators, media publicity and entertainment worlds.


Teleplay offering various affiliates programs for entrepreneurs, media owners and individuals who would like to enter the fascinating and profitable business of the mobile services.

Services for Mobile operators 

Teleplay partner with service providers/mobile operators in the designated country helping them launch competitive services to local market, faster and more efficiently. With implementation of Teleplay platforms, mobile operators are able to:

􀃌 Simplify their operations

􀃌 Reduce time to market and related costs

􀃌 Improve the customer experience

􀃌 Boost Revenues

The telecommunications market in most countries has three or four competing operators as well as virtual operators – MVNOs and MVNEs. With rapid development and new technologies, markets become highly competitive, requesting constant innovations in order to keep-up with current trends.

To increase market share and reduce churn, an operator must be able to deploy a dynamic marketing program. Intelligent Solutions delivers applications and tools answering market needs. Furthermore, these solutions reduce OPEX while creating a wide range of new revenue streams. In addition to developing advanced mobile platforms, 


Teleplay Provides:

􀃌 Provides comprehensive project management

􀃌 Hosts systems and connectivity infrastructures for operators

􀃌 Provides support and maintenance services – 24/7


Studies and research have shown that great number of calls made by international travelers when abroad are dialed incorrectly. Callers rather often fail to add country codes and international prefixes when dialing from their mobile or fail to add the “0” when calling within the country of their stay. Intelligent Roaming Suite innovative algorithm correct those dialing errors automatically and allow the calls to pass. By that, Intelligent Roaming Services significantly increase an operator’s call roaming revenues on inbound and outbound calls, as well as customer satisfaction, by improving the success rates of international call completion.


Star NUMBER is an exclusive phone number for businesses which replaces long 9 digit company phone number with short and easy-to-remember phone number. With Star NUMBER, a phone call is made easily – by dialing “*” (star) sign followed by 3-6 digits. Use of Star NUMBER showed to be easier to memorize and to dial for customers comparing to landline numbers, therefore it boosts the effects of any marketing activities. It is an ideal solution for the companies and businesses to increase number of incoming calls and boost marketing campaigns, raise their brand awareness on the market and improve customers service. Following are the Star Number packages

companies can choose from:

􀀃Short Code - *007

􀀃Brand Name - *BMW (*269)

􀀃Profession - *TAXI (*8294)


SOS Credit Service Management facilitates the subscriber to extend his credit by a number of $$ and pay it back next time a Top-up takes place. Subscriber must opt-in (request the service) via a simple USSD code (i.e. *199# ) and accept via a menu driven software the terms of the service. By requesting and confirming the service the subscriber is also accepting the service charge fee for each credit request. The Prepaid Credit Service platform is flexible and fully customize to implement restrictions/rules based on the operator policies

􀀃Periodical Reporting is available to CYTA directly from the system

􀀃Service Provider (SP) administration will provide monthly reports for clearing.

􀀃Invoicing will be made only on paid (Top-ed up) service charges

􀀃Possibility to automate the invoicing by creating a file to be sent directly into your billing accounts debt


The system is exceptionally simple to use and it is multilingual. No software is required on the subscriber’s mobile. All mobile phones are compatible with the USSD menu driven options


Visual SIM service enables users to make calls and send SMS\MMS messages to mobile and landline numbers over the internet. This service benefits are applicable especially to people living abroad as they can take full advantage of a local number on their mobile phones. For Example a Polish citizen living in the UK can utilize a local UK mobile phone with a Visual SIM application to make attractively priced calls to a Polish number. Visual SIM overcomes the high cost of roaming allowing users to call real numbers and not have to rely upon Skype or Viber. Voice and messaging services can be implemented over any available IP/data link (WiFi, 3G, LTE) and the application can be downloaded from an app store or an operator’s website.


Mobile operators build great offers and services to their subscribers, one of the biggest sales challenges is in the communication of those packages and services to the subscribers as it requires investment in marketing (TV, Billboard, Online campaigns etc.) or are rather limited, such as free campaigns. Statistics show that prepaid subscribers check their balance very frequently (once a day in average). The Campaign Balance Manager Service segments the subscribers based on mobile usage habits and preferences in order to offer subscribers packages and services which are relevant for them. This data are presented once the subscribers checks his Balance on the to Campaign Balance Manager. The Campaign Balance Manager provides a "Smart Dashboard" to the operators. Smart Dashboard collects statistics and indicates the success and sales conversion ratio of each package and service. This data collection provided by Campaign Balance Managers enable also operator’s marketing division to modify the campaigns and the offers. Our experience showed that the operators using the system reported new and significant revenue stream due to Balance Portal.


This platform provides flawless operations of the most claimed services of mobile operators, and is designed to aim to increase amount of subscribers, their loyalty and significantly improve the financial parameters of the operator: Ring Back Tones (basic functionality) – replacement of standard beeps to melody or sound message from the side of calling subscriber I-Ring Back Tone –universal solution with numerous additional functionalities forming all kinds of voice services for most sophisticated customers of telecom operators: Ring Forward Tones – replacement of standard beeps to melody or sound message from the side of subscriber who calls Radio Tones – broadcasting of FM- stations instead of standard calling beeps Mobile Voice Advertisement – tool of mobile advertising

Self IVR – capability for subscriber to build own mini-centers for automatic procession of incoming calls


Teleplay can offer full managed service of the solution:

􀀃State of the Art technological Solution include 24/7 support

􀀃Manage all the copyrights and agreements with Music and media companies

􀀃Service marketing with advance digital tools which contain SMS, IVR, Auto activation and Social media to create high number of subscribers.


Traditionally, SIM cards are pre-provisioned by operators. This restricts provisioning to simple service configurations and thwarts personalization– such as the selection of vanity telephone numbers, or tariff choices optimized to meet a subscriber’s needs. With our DynamIX mobile platform – The first time subscribers activate new handsets, DynamIX activates a personalized dialog in which users are offered a variety of options, such as:

􀀃Selection of a personalized number

􀀃Tariff plan

􀀃Purchase of services


All of the above features are targeted on the basis of the type of device they have purchased and their location. The service enable huge cost saving within the operator, the payment for local regulator for the number, vendors licenses for pre-provision subscribers and more…